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The Long Life Of The Slickers

 It has  been a lot of years we have been together, although it seems like yesterday that we got together. We have all come from different backgrounds and different parts of the country. Back in November of 1994, someone in our church (where we all sang in the church choir) suggested we play some music at a coffee house in Hill City. So we did and we put together 50 minutes of music and cowboy poetry with Donley Hewett. We had a blast. After our show someone came up to us and ask us to do a show at the Dahl in Rapid City. We of course said yes and found out later it would be 2 hours and in January 1995. We did it and had the best time of our lives. After that we sat around a lot of campfires and wrote and sang a lot of our original songs and others. We soon decided to do our first CD of original music. This was our next best experience. A year later we did a CD of some of our classic songs. Both CD's were recorded at Wolfsong Studio in Rapid City by Will Waller. A few years later we decided to record our 3rd CD. This time we did it ourselves and took a couple of years to do it. This would be our Gospel -Spiritual CD. It was another great experience we will never forget. Our next great experience was playing with the Black Hills Symphony Orchestra in May of 2003. We had 7 of our songs orchestrated and played music from the Calamity Jane movie and also sang Ghost Riders. Now, this was the best experience of our career. We were told that if we filled the house we would get a bonus. Well, we filled the house. We had everyone in the audience howling like coyotes. We will never forget that night, along with everyone who was there. Since then we have been playing at the Palmer Gulch KOA campground and for Diamond Tours (a bus company with people coming from all over the country). And of course we have now been recording our Christmas CD for the past three years and we are just about finished. It is going to be great, with a lot of fun songs. There are many other stories to tell about us and our experiences in the last 18 years. Hopefully you will be sitting around the campfire with us and we can tell you more.    


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